Sessional 1-4yrs

Welcome to our Tiny Tot Program. We are excited to offer a variety of classes for your little movers and shakers. Spark your little ones imagination and creativity as we explore through movement and dance. Designed for both parents and dancers, our qualified staff will engage you in these dynamic classes, while giving an opportunity for families to network with other families and build a community.

1-2 Parent & Tot

This class is designed for the on-the-go baby. Dancers will explore movement, story and play with their parent in a musical dance setting. Teachers will incorporate props and hands on learning. Dancers must be able to walk with or without assistance in order to take this class. This is a great way to get started with dance and music within an instructional environment. Parents are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move it.

2-3 Parent & Tot

These classes are a great way to get your baby up and moving with their parent/caregiver. Parents find it a fun way of interacting with their little mover while making connections with other parents. With assistance, children will learn to move creatively using a variety of props and music. Children will learn new moves and skills every week but will also build up a repertoire of familiar dances as children at this age love repetition. Added emphasis is on learning dance class etiquette and content for a smooth transition to un-parented classes. Parents are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

3-4 Shining Stars

These fun creative classes are a great way to introduce your little dancer to the world of dance and let them explore with their bodies and imagination. We work on a variety of dance skills that help develop social aspects of being in a dance class without a parent. Children will learn an introduction of ballet and jazz styles of dance, while also developing their motor skills, ability to follow instructions and gain independence. Props are occasionally used to reinforce lessons being taught and to make classes more fun.


We have some fun new programs for the 2019/2020 season coming soon!!

2018/19 Schedule


9:30-10:15am– 1-3 Parent & Tot – Kris


9:15-9:45am – 1-2 Parent & Tot – Christa

9:45-10:30am – 2-3 Parent & Tot – Christa

10:30-11:15am – 3-4 Shining Stars – Christa


9:15-10:00am – 3-4 Shining Stars – Kris

10:00-10:45am – 2-3 Parent & Tot – Kris

10:45-11:30am – 3-4 Shining Stars – Kris


9:00-9:45am – 1-2 Parent & Tot – Kris

9:00-9:45am – 3-4 Shining Stars – Victoria

9:45-10:30am – 2-3 Parent & Tot – Kris

10:30-11:15am – 3-4 Shining Stars – Victoria


Registration Fees (due at time of registration and non refundable at any time):

  • Registration Fee - $10 per student

14-Week Session Tuition (Sept - Dec):

  • 30 min - $140+GST

  • 45 min - $210+GST

10-Week Sessions Tuition (Jan - Mar & Apr - June):

  • 30 min - $100+GST

  • 45 min - $150+GST


All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.

There are no refunds once the session begins.

A $25 fee is charged on all NSF cheques.

Tiny Tots classes in Session 3 perform in a showcase. There will be an additional $50 show package fee that includes: rented costume, accessory to keep, 4 tickets.