Welcome to our client section for current students! Below you will find information regarding the current season. Please email us with any questions you have info@alivedanceworks.com

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Miss Christa

4-5 Ballet/Jazz (Monday 4:30pm)

6-9 Ballet/Jazz (Monday 5:30pm)

7-11 Jazz/Acro (Thursday 6:45pm)


Miss Victoria

3-5 Ballet/Jazz/Acro (Saturday 9:45am)

11+ Modern/Contemp (Wednesday 8:15pm)


Miss Kris

4-6 Ballet/Jazz (Thursday 4:00pm) - BALLET

5-7 Ballet/Jazz/Acro (Tuesday 5:30pm)

4-10 Musical Theatre (Saturday 10:30am)

9-13 Ballet/Jazz/Acro (Monday 6:30pm)


Miss Kelsey M

9-14 Ballet (Mon 7:45pm)

9-14 Jazz (Mon 8:30pm)


Miss Brittany

4-6 Ballet (Wed 4:15pm)

6-9 Jazz/Acro (Wed 5:00pm)

9-13 Jazz/Acro (Wed 6:15pm)

8-12 Jazz (Wed 7:00pm)


Mr Rocky

5-8 Hip Hop (Wed 4:15pm)

4-6 Hip Hop/Tap (Wed 5:15pm)

8-12 Hip Hop (Wed 6:00pm)

All Boys Jazz (Wed 7:00pm)

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6-9 Hip Hop/Tap (Thurs 4:15pm)

10+ Hip Hop (Thurs 5:15pm)

10+ Tap (Thurs 7:45pm)


Mr Marcus

3-5 Hip Hop (Saturday 9:00am)

6-9 Hip Hop (Saturday 10:00am)


Miss Dani

3-5 Ballet/Jazz/Acro (Saturday 10:45am)


Miss Ali

8-11 Lyrical (Monday 6:45pm)