Recreational 3-18yrs (Sept-June)

Our recreational program runs from September to June and offers a wide range of styles for different ages. Our recreational program will perform in the Year End Show (Y.E.S) and our programs provide a sense of team work and commitment to a fun activity!

2018/19 Schedule


4:30-5:45pm - Age 9-13 Ballet/Jazz/Acro

5:45-6:45pm - Age 8+ Lyrical/Contemporary


4:30-5:45pm - Age 5-6 Ballet/Jazz/Acro


4:30-5:15pm - Age 5-7 Hip Hop

5:15-6:00pm - Age 6-10 Tap

6:00-7:00pm - Age 8-12 Hip Hop

7:00-7:45pm - Age 8+ All Boys Jazz

7:45-8:45pm - Age 8+ Breakdance


4:30-5:45pm - Age 7-8 Ballet/Jazz/Acro

10:15-11:15am - Age 3-4 Ballet/Jazz/Acro


1:00-2:15pm - Age 6-13 Musical Theatre Club


Not sure what some of the class styles are that are offered? Visit our Program Information Page HERE for descriptions!


Registration Fees (due July 1, 2018 or upon registration thereafter and non refundable at any time):

  • Theatre Fee - $15 per student

  • Registration Fee - $20 per student

  • Ticket Fee - $40 per student

  • Costume Fee - $110 per class

  • Processing Fee - $40 (one time payment if paying monthly)

Monthly Tuition (processed automatically monthly on Visa or Mastercard):

Monthly payments accepted – post-dated cheques or an on-file VISA or MASTERCARD accepted. We ask for authorization to process ALL of the monthly payments once the season begins, as there are no refunds. Monthly fees are:

  • 45 min class - $54+GST

  • 60 min class - $72+GST

  • 75 min class - $90+GST

  • 90 min class - $108+GST

Note: Processing fee of $40 will be charged if paying monthly (one time fee)

All registration fees must be paid in full.

A $25 fee is charged on all NSF cheques.








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What should I wear?

We will have a link soon to purchase items for your 2018-2019 class attire!