BALLET - The class begins with barre exercises then moves into centre work. This style of class is danced to classical music and is the foundation that enhances all other dance disciplines. We recommend that all dancers take ballet. These open style ballet classes begin at age 3. Our competitive programs follow Alive’s Syllabus: a combination of Russian, R.A.D., and Vagonova work.

JAZZ - These high-energy classes combine both technique and choreography with today's popular tunes. Jazz is an upbeat class that begins with centre warm-up and moves into across-the-floor kicks, jumps and turns. Choreography, connecting technique steps and adding style is a fun way to move to your favourite songs. This style class begins at age 3.

ACRO - Classes work towards improving flexibility, strength, agility and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute acro tricks, similar to the mat component of gymnastics. Dancers will also work together in groups to work on lifts and partnering creating trust and strength. A combination of stunts, contortion and dance, it is like "art in motion". This style class begins at age 2. Our instructors are certified in the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.


Learn the necessary foundation and basics of breaking and progress to all the freezes, stalls and power moves. Taught by real B-boys who are active in the hip-hop scene and passionate about the culture. B-boys and B-girls are encouraged to take this class! This style begins at age 8.


Our Hip Hop program is a combination of various styles and includes popping, locking and a bit of breakdance along with street style dance movements. If you like music video dancing, this is the class for you. It is a high-energy class that is aerobic and done to many of today's popular tunes. This style begins at age 3.


These classes combine a range of music styles both with and without lyrics. Dance from within to many of today's unique songs while reaching deep into your soul to find the meaning of your movement. This style begins at age 8.


This class introduces you to the world that is the stage. Learn the fundamental techniques needed to become a triple threat performer. Acting, Singing and Dancing! Work on all these elements while also learning to perform from both your body and your soul. Music from popular stage and theatre musicals is used to bring it all together. This style begins at age 4.


The focus of this style class is on technique and speed with an urban rhythmic flair. The class includes barre work as well as centre exercises and is danced to all different kinds of rhythmic music. Choreography and connecting steps will create tap combinations in class that are a fun way to explore this style. This style begins at age 4.