Competitive Newsletter Archive

Level 1

Friday July 13 - Weekly schedule, fee authorization form and upcoming charges, intensive schedules, competitive gear, parent reps, account login info

Friday August 10 - Intensive schedule, uniform list, fundraising, competitive calendar

Tuesday September 11 - Uniform requirements

Friday September 14 - Level 1 orientation, uniform requirements, competition dates, yoga blocks, lockers for rent, NUVO & GSP, website login, updated calendar dates, parent reps, bun video, Halloween silent auction, photo/video day

Wednesday September 26 - Years of experience, NUVO, GSP, parent reps needed, competitions, syllabus bodysuit order, silent auction, email lists, rules/policies reminder, suspicious man

Wednesday October 24 - Yoga block storage, NUVO, No Halloween costumes, Rack and Roll deal, follow us

Level 2

Thursday July 12 - Weekly schedule, summer extras, fee authorization form and upcoming charges, GSP, NUVO, intensive schedules, competitive gear, Cecchetti, acro exams, Disneyland, Nationals Kelowna, parent reps, account login info, hip hop summer camps, student teachers

Friday July 20 - Comp DVD, Year End Show DVD, pictures

Wednesday August 1 - Summer extras, ballet intensive, NUVO convention, costume measurement & shoe sale

Friday August 10 - Extras schedules, Hearts at NUVO, intensive schedule, uniform list, tap choreography, Disneyland, PBT dates, fundraising, competitive calendar

Thursday August 16 - Summer extras, summer intensive schedule & placement, ballet intensive schedule & placement, costume measurement & shoe sale, welcome back BBQ, orientation, Cecchetti, NUVO, competitive uniform

Friday August 24 - Summer extras, ballet intensive, welcome back BBQ, costume measurement & shoe sale, BBoy battle, updated calendar, NUVO, orientations, start date, lockers, competitive uniform, weekly class schedule, Disneyland, Cecchetti, parent reps & contact lists

Friday September 7 - Updated extras schedule, orientation, NUVO charges, yoga blocks, lockers, class attire, ballet bun video, website login info, team building

Thursday September 13 - Updated extras schedule, rotating choreography, orientation, fundraising, NUVO, summer choreo charges, lockers, yoga blocks, website login, parent reps & contact lists, bun video, competition dates, calendar update, Halloween silent auction, photo/video days

Monday September 17 - Updated extras schedule, updated rotating choreo

Wednesday September 19 - Updated extras schedule, rotating choreography, student teachers, PBT dates, summer extras charges, booster dates, competition dates and locations + note from Miss Jenn, calendar & closures, show recommendation

Wednesday September 26 - Updated extras schedule, years of experience, NUVO & GSP placement + waiver, costume sale credits/payments, fundraising credits, syllabus bodysuit order, silent auction + donations, summer extras charges, solo/duet extra rehearsals, suspicious man, email lists, rules/policies reminder

Wednesday October 3 - Classes Oct 5, updated extras schedule, extras schedule up until December, absent notification, NUVO HH only, silent auction donations, suspicious man report

Thursday October 11 - Updated extras schedule

Friday October 12 - Updated extras schedule, updated rotating choreography, silent auction tickets, costume charges, acro exam info, GSP, silent auction, NUVO

Wednesday October 17 - Updated extras schedule, updated rotating choreography, Halloween silent auction, costume charges, boosters, studio on own time, Halloween classes, follow us

Saturday October 20 - NUVO schedule

Saturday October 20 - Silent auction update

Wednesday October 24 - Updated extras schedule, NUVO, No Halloween costumes, Christmas show dances, yoga block storage, Miss Jenn booster dates, advanced jazz cancellation, fundraisers, Rack and Roll deal

Thursday October 25 - Updated NUVO schedule

Thursday November 1 - Updated extras schedule, updated rotating choreo & boosters, PBT schedule, studio candid week, festival/comp entry fees, Christmas show & tickets, fundraising, Nov 11 no class, testimonials, ballet syllabus viewing &filming, acro exam info, studio contests, contact lists, Nike gear, student teacher needed

Monday November 5 - Christmas show tickets on sale

Monday November 5 - Reminder studio candids

Level 3

Friday July 13 - NUVO competition and solos

Monday September 17 - auditions to consider

Wednesday September 26 - Cleaning schedule, Sept 30 schedule, challenger classes cancelled Oct 14, Dani West release forms, NUVO solos, Sarah D schedule, auditions, inter/senior homework

Wednesday October 3 - NUVO solo costumes

Monday October 22 - NUVO homework & schedule, private lesson time with Miss Lauren, One-on-ones with Miss Lauren, photoshoot opportunity

Thursday November 1 - One-on-one prep, photoshoot, choreo cleaning, studio space, adjudication & results