8 Things to Remember at the Start of the Dance Season

We’re well into the new dance season here at Alive, and we’re so happy to see so many new faces joining the familiar ones. We hope everyone has has a wonderful start to the season!

Now is a perfect time to remind our students and parents of a few things that help us keep things running as smoothly as possible. We appreciate your help and understanding!

  1. Please don’t park in any of the stalls that are reserved for other businesses! There are plenty of unreserved spots in the lot for Alive Danceworks families to park in.

  2. Please remove your outdoor shoes upon entering the studio. We appreciate your help in keeping the floors clean for all of our dancers.

  3. Please be on time! It’s so important to come to class on time and ready to go. Unless there’s an emergency, we recommend you come at least 5-10 minutes early to get changed, ready, warm up and have your mind on your class!

  4. Please have all of your required uniform. This includes your shoes, tights, bodysuits, and any other items required for your dance class. We’re going to share another post on the importance of dance uniforms and we promise we wouldn’t ask you for anything without good reason.

  5. Please use the washroom before class. We totally get that sometimes you just… gotta go, but we like to keep the disruption of the classes at a minimum!

  6. We totally love you watching through the windows while class is in session, but please don’t wave or be disruptive to the dancers who are trying to focus!

  7. Please keep the locker rooms and front lobby as clean and tidy as possible. This means throwing your garbage into the garbage cans, not leaving your stuff all over the floor, and putting your shoes in the cubbies in the lobby, or tucking them out of the way if there is no room in the cubbies.

  8. Make sure you have all of your dance gear before you leave. We’ll throw out socks (and undies) at the end of the night if they’re left behind, but everything else will go in the lost and found in the changerooms!

We love seeing all of your smiling faces and we so appreciate your help in keeping our studio running smoothly and at its best! <3