Recreational Attire - NEW! online system


Sizing for ballet and jazz shoes available at the studio during the following Office hours:

Monday - Friday 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 1:00pm

 NOTE: When ordering Tap shoes for rec classes please follow the below guidelines to order:

Child - go up 0.5-1 full size from street shoe

Adult - go down 0.5-1 full size from street shoe


Below is a list of items and styles that your dancer will need for their class. If you currently have other items that match our guidelines, you can wear them to class, however for shows, you must have the exact items listed.

There will be lots of items listed under each category of dance. Please view the list above before going online to purchase! 

This is a great new secure system where you order online and the items come straight to your door within approximately 5 business days! Below is a video of how to work the online system if you are unsure or would like to review before purchasing.

How To Order

Please watch the video below to see how our online system works and how to get rid of things in the different packages if not needed. 

If you do not want to order online for any reason, you can reach out to dance stores around Calgary to see if they have the exact items and style that you require for your class but we cannot guarantee that all stores have the items. We suggest starting at either one of the below stores:

Bodythings - 5308 17th Ave SW
City Dancewear - #106 5403 Crowchild Trail NW

If you have read the Attire Requirements List above and have it open/printed it to reference, click the link to the online store below.

Store Access


We would love your feedback after you have received your items. This is a new process for us, and we are really hoping it makes your life easier!